”Innovation and entrepreneurship key in making India a nation of job creators”

NEW DELHI : Mr R Ramanan, Mission Director – Atal Innovation Mission, and Additional Secretary, NITI Aayog today emphasized on the entrepreneurship aspects of a creator-driven economy. “India has to become a nation of job creators, and innovation and entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in it.

Addressing a webinar on ‘The Importance of Creator Driven Economy’, organised by FICCI, MrRamanan highlighted the importance of the balance of socio innovation and commercial innovation, and how it can empower the lives of millions, and the creator-driven economy is the best example of it.

Mr Himanshu Kapania, Vice Chairman, ABFRL & Director Telecom, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt Ltd said, “When we are talking about the 3rd category of the economy, a consumer side creator-driven economy, I am sure that it will grow on a larger scale in coming years”. Highlighting the importance of digital infrastructure and its role as a catalyst for creator drive economy, Mr Kapania said, “The creator-driven economy will play a huge role in India’s vision for the trillion-dollar digital economy.”

Mr Ankur Warikoo, Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker and Co-founder & Board Member, nearbuy.com said, “There is a generation of millions of individuals who are born in the internet age, who are tech-savvy, and these individuals are the key drivers of the creator-driven economy”.

“India is a country of colours, arts and creation, and with empowered by the internet, many of us are finding new ways to develop the ecosystem around us,” he added.


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